Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)
Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)
Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA), an undergraduate course, is a unique blend of Information Technology (IT) with business and management. In this dynamic technological era, fast growing information technology and communication systems require expert professionals, who can apply computer science principles to solve business and technology related problems. In recent years, BCA has emerged as one of the most demanding technical courses. This course transforms students into high caliber IT professionals most sought in any organization and IT industry.

Key Learning Outcomes

•    Carry out required analysis and synthesis involved in computer systems, information systems, and computing applications.
•    Exhibit a substantial understanding of concepts in key areas of computer applications and management
•    Develop Applications involving Multimedia, Mobile, Network and Web based systems to design effective Human Computer interaction through visual programming
•    Gain Specialization in Configuration, Integration, Development and Testing of systems and network to meet industrial needs.
•    Exhibit sound practical skills to address problems arising from computing systems and applications
Career Prospects
Excellent job prospects! More and more jobs are being created in an increasingly IT driven world. Associated career trends show the fastest growing occupations in Nepal and abroad.

This course empowers graduates to handle computer and IT related tasks independently throughout their careers. They also have tremendous possibilities and opportunities of starting their own ventures.

The graduates of BCA program will get enough opportunities to work as IT Officer, Programmer or Software Developer/Tester, Web Developer, System Developer, System Analyst, System Administrator, Database Administrators etc. within and outside the country.

Careers by area
 Web and Internet Programming - Web programmer, developing interactive web-based applications using high end programming technology

 Software Application-  Apply computing technology to solve real world problems pertaining to the field of education, medicine, transportation etc.

 Hardware and Networking- Computer Network Architects, System Engineers, Network Specialist in IT based business or organizations
Information Management- Develop and manage Information Systems for supporting business or organizations.
System Engineering- System Engineers in IT based organizations for envisioning, planning and implementing and managing the entire hardware and software requirements of an organization for its smooth operation.

 Software Development- Software Engineers in software-related companies, NGOs, INGOs, Private and Governmental Organizations.

Mobile Application Development- Developers of sophisticated, intelligent Mobile based applications for multiple platforms.